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Dear customers,

In this latest newsletter from May 2017 I would like to introduce you to another faithful companion of the Saurer Embroidery family.
KUP10 Brode Tekstil is one of our loyal Turkish customers who, over the past years, has continued to invest into the latest Saurer technology.
In 2014, KUP10 Brode Tekstil  ordered their first Epoca 6 embroidery machine.
After two successful years, the company managed to stay at the forefront of progress and purchased in 2016 the first Epoca 7 embroidery machine in Turkey.
At the beginning of 2017, both Epoca 7 machines were successfully put into operation and are producing finest embroidery products at top quality. Now, just 5 months later, KUP10 has placed a further order for 2 additional Epoca 7, 27 yds, MPE.
As of today, KUP10 Brode Tekstil has a total of eight Saurer embroidery machines, six Epoca 6 and two Epoca 7.
It is therefore not surprising that KUP10 Brode Tekstil has managed to become, in a very short time, one of the Turkish leaders in the production of curtains.
As exclusive supplier of shuttle embroidery machines, Saurer is proud to be a small part of this success story.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Serdar KARAKAS for his loyalty and for his continuing interest in Saurer products and services.
We are also extremely grateful to Mr. KARAKAS for the opportunity to host an Epoca 7 Open House at his premises in Düzce on 3 May 2017. It was a successful event attended by approx. 50 embroidery producers from all over Turkey. Both new Epoca 7, 27 yds, MPE produced orders at a production speed of 600RPM. During the Open Day there were hardly any broken threads nor any other problems and the visitors were suitably impressed.
I wish Mr. KARAKAS and his company KUP10 Brode Tekstil all the very best for the future and sincerely hope that his business will continue to thrive. We look forward to continue our successful business relationship. 

Please read more about our last interview with the KUP10 Brode Tekstil: 

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Benzer
Head of Sales Saurer Embroidery
Vice President

pfeil Photo gallery - Open House at KUP10 Brode Tekstil
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Interview with the customer
Mr. Serdar KARAKAS


When was your company founded? 
Our first company, Kar-Sinem was founded in 1996, KUP10 in 2014.

What are the segments your company deals with?
Curtains and guipure.

Which are the most important factors for your customers? 
Quality, transparency, fast delivery.

Why did you change your machinery supplier in 2014?
We heard about Saurer’s quality and wanted to try their machines.

What are the major advantages of the Epoca 6 machine for you?
No breakdown, high speed and excellent embroidery quality.

What is the opinion of your employees on the Epoca 6 machine in terms of operation and handling?
The operation and handling are very user-friendly according to our employees.

What was the reason for you to order the new Saurer Epoca 7 machine?
I was interested in the new technology.

In your opinion, is high speed more important than a flexible and easily adjustable system?
We cannot pick one over the other. Both are related to each other and very important.

Your two Epoca 7 machines have successfully been put into operation approx. 5 months ago. Some days ago, you paced a further order for 2 additional Epoca 7, 27 ydsd, MPE. What is the additional production capacity of the Epoca 7, compared to the Epoca 6? 
The increase in production of the Epoca 7 is about 20%, compared to the Epoca 6. On average, the Epoca 7 reaches 195’000 revolutions in 8 hours. When producing ladies’ wear, we reach top revolutions of 250’000 in 8 hours. The main reasons for such an incredible performance is the fact that we have hardly any broken thread and that the frame reduces the speed for long stitches later, because the frame has been considerably reinforced.

How satisfied are you with Saurer’s service? 
We are happy with the support we get from Bilol. 

Would you recommend Saurer Epoca 7 machines to other embroidery companies?
We are already recommending the Epoca 7 to interested companies.

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