Upgrade Y Drive

for Epoca 6 and Epoca 7 pro G

Our product:

Complete Y drive optimisation set:

BASIC package

  • Belt tension tester mini
  • Shuttle deflector
  • Toothed belt
  • Toothed belt wheel

 PREMIUM package: 

  • Fully automised belt tensioning system
  • Update of machine software
  • Shuttle deflector
  • Toothed belt
  • Toothed belt wheel

Overview of benefits

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BASIC packagePREMIUM package
Optimal belt tension considerably reduces overload on the belt.Fully automised belt tensioning system monitored on the panel PC by the latest machine software.
The shuttle deflector prevents shuttles being stuck between the machine pillar and the frame structure.Significantly reduces the need for maintenance work.
Reinforced toothed belt wheels.The shuttle deflectors prevents shuttles getting stuck between the machine pillar and the frame structure.
I nstructions how to use the mini belt tension tester to tighten the toothed belt.


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