Epoca 7

The innovative embroidery system sets a new benchmark

The Epoca 7 impresses with its increase in productivity of up to 20% and its embroidery speed of up to 700 RPM. The setting options are unique and encompass new technologies on the needle side such as the manual Pentamat control and the thread delivery. Thus, embroidery technology has been reinvented and fulfills future market demands. The new thread monitors and the new thread-cut guarantee trouble-free production of high quality embroidery. 

The Epoca 7 has been awarded the E³ label for triple added value:


  • Maximum productivity and speed
  • Premium embroidery quality and technology
  • Complete reliability

E³ - Triple Added Value


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Energy savings of up to 5%

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  • New control unit technology


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Up to 20% increase in productivity

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  • Perfect handling – the unique shuttle changing position
  • Mending – for PentaCut machines

Up to 18% increase in production speed

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  • Optimal distribution of the gearboxes
  • New machine pillars with stable gearboxes
  • New frame
  • Additional Y motor

Up to 30% increase in bore speed

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  • Fast borer

New thread monitor with fast and precise thread-break recognition minimises mending

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  • SmartMon – Electronic thread monitor


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Electronically adjustable machine parameters

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  • Maximum performance – the new, reinforced drives
  • Pinpoint accuracy – the electronically controlled fabric presser
  • Guaranteed precision – adjustable carriage width (optional)

Simple and fast threading

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  • ActiFeed – the new thread delivery

Convenient and efficient winding and fabric mounting

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  • Optimised fabric roller drive
  • New lateral tensioning bars for fast adjustment


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