Epoca 6 pro

New Dimensions

Inspiration for embroidery. The Epoca 6 pro opens up previously unattained dimensions in shuttle embroidery and in doing so sets groundbreaking standards in every respect. When designing the new Epoca 6 pro, our engineers placed great emphasis on the central requirements of professional embroidery:

  • maximum productivity
  • absolute reliability
  • best embroidery quality

In addition we created new possibilities of adjustments, which facilitate the production of a multitude of materials with the highest quality. The exceptional user-friendliness is unique and in conjunction with the graphical user interface perfectly completes the all-round qualities of the system.

Innovative solutions

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With the Epoca 6 pro, Saurer Embroidery has produced a product platform that combines entirely new drive and control concepts.
With the benefit of a large variety of innovative details and individual solutions, a vast diversity of materials can be worked into sophisticated designs with the highest quality of embroidery. The new concepts for drive units, adjustability and thread cutting guarantee maximum productivity and absolute reliability.

motion – the innovative drive unit concept

  • Maximum performance – the new, electronically adjustable drive units
  • Pinpoint accuracy – the new fabric presser
  • Guaranteed precision – the adjustable carriage width
  • Revolutionarily simple – flexible cardan shaft
  • Perfect guidance for your shuttles – the new shuttle box with patented gliding surfaces
  • Perfect handling – the unique shuttle changing position
  • Improving the proven – the frame drive
  • Ideal handling for your products – the new fabric roller system

set – top quality at the touch of a button

  • Unique – the electronically adjustable thread guide
  • Perfect timing – the electronic fabric presser
  • Invisible high performance – Saurer Embroidery design optimisers
  • Quick and easy – control of thread tension
  • Decades of know-how – the Saurer Embroidery standard settings
  • For a vast diversity of materials – and a multiplicity of possibilities
  • Unique – the adjustable shuttle timing
  • Gentle and precise – continuous thread delivery

cut – unlimited creativity

  • Tough and reliable – the new shuttle side thread cutting device
  • Quick and reliable – the needle side thread cutting device

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