3D inspiration

Soutache is enjoying great popularity worldwide. It is therefore essential for many companies to have their embroidery machines fitted with a soutache system, in order to satisfy their customers’ wishes and to remain competitive.

Maximum flexibility
There are no limits to creativity. The range of innovative soutache wheels ensures that a greater variety of soutache cords and ribbons can be embroidered. The customer chooses and decides on the specification of the soutache to accommodate his needs.

  • Selection of different soutache wheels
  • Free choice of repeat (4/4 and up)
  • Processes cords up to 4 mm and ribbons from 6 to 8 mm
  • Multitude of stitch types due to smart software
  • Highest quality as a result of active delivery and tightening of the soutache cord
  • Lift provides greater ease of operation and easy accessibility
  • Efficiency and accuracy as a result of full integration into the Saurer Embroidery system


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