Embroidery needles

Perfect needle for Saurer Embroidery shuttle machines

Performance of embroidery machines has been incremented continuously. Therefore, an immaculate precision tool is required in order to satisfy today’s needs of quality and efficiency of embroidery process.

Saurer Embroidery is equipping all its new embroidery machines with Groz-Beckert needles and has been entitled to the exclusive right of sale for Europe. This demonstrates that the needles’ supremacy shall be exploited in favour of the customers. Based on results of extensive trials Saurer Embroidery recommends only Groz-Beckert needles for all kind of shuttle embroidery machines.

Ideal needle types

For processing the different yarns and fabrics, the most suitable needle types are being utilized. Groz-Beckert is supplying a wide variety of needles, and Saurer Embroidery, together with Groz-Beckert, is supporting you worldwide with the corresponding know-how. Due to our global presence, specific troubleshooting in embroidery techniques can be performed directly at the machine.

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