Historical Milestones

We would like to invite you on a journey through the history of Saurer Embroidery. Find the key milestones from the beginnings of our company up to the present day.

2016HeadLine-System for sequins, cord & ribbon
2016Epoca 7 / Epoca 7 pro / Epoca 7 pro G
2013 Continuation of the over 160-year history of Saurer under the roof of the Jinsheng Group.
2011Market launch of highspeed embroidery machines Epoca 6 and Epoca 6pro.
2008Introduction of cord and sequin systems for thread cutting machines.
2007Saurer joint the technology company OC Oerlikon.
2006The Epoca family was enlarged by the first two-frame machine with independently moving frames.
2005Saurer introduces the first integrated laser cutting and engraving device for shuttle embroidery machines.
2002Saurer Arbon presents PitStop to the customers. With this new development, the time-consuming activity of filling and readjusting the shuttles can be carried out completely automatically for the first time in the history of embroidery.
2001Saurer Embroidery Systems AG and Hamel AG merge. The new company is called Saurer Hamel AG, later Saurer Arbon AG.
1995The Epoca is presented at the ITMA Milan. This single-level embroidery machine with the active thread delivery ActiFeed and the thread cut system Pentacut is the beginning of a new era in shuttle embroidery machine construction.
1993Première of the Saurer 3040 with integrated control system and programmable Pentacut thread cut device.
1988Founding of Saurer Embroidery Systems as a member of the Saurer Group.
1987The Saurer Positronic control system replaces the mechanical embroidery automatic.
1983Saurer engineers develop the electronically controlled switching for individual embroidery positions, Pentamat. In the same year, Saurer introduces the Datamat, for embroidery program storage, and the era of card less embroidery has arrived.
1979Introduction of the Saurer-top-shuttle with double the yarn capacity.
1973A new dimension in embroidery machine construction: the 1040 machine with 10 and 15 yards embroidery length, and 75 and 104 cm embroidery height, are introduced into the market.
1955Saurer launches the 2S-55 embroidery machine. This model was the be-all and end-all in the embroidery industry for nearly 20 years.
1931Construction of the first 2S-embroidery machines with 10 and 15 yards embroidery length and 60 cm embroidery height.
1912Hippolyt Saurer develops the first automatic embroidery machine (replacement for the pantograph).
1898Adolph Saurer takes over the business.
1878First shuttle embroidery machine with 4 ½ yards embroidery length.
1869Construction of the first hand embroidery machine by Franz Saurer.
1853 Establishment of the Franz Saurer foundry.

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